Why Suite420

Accessible. Creative. Proven.

With a proven track record of creating and executing alternative financial solutions, we provide a variety of flexible, creative debt products that have typically been available only to traditional businesses. At Suite 420, we are advancing and legitimizing the cannabis industry by providing the much-needed tools necessary for growth. As a pioneer in cannabis-industry financing, we offer a menu of debt financing products to entrepreneur-owners, allowing them to maintain their equity and drive their valuations.

The power to grow—and keep—what’s yours

Entrepreneurs, we know you started this business with passion and to cultivate something of your own. Keep that ownership; you don’t have to be forced to sell your equity to grow. With short-and mid-term debt solutions, we can give you the working capital you need for your business to thrive. Not only can our solutions solve short-term needs, but also—in the long run—it’s way more cost effective than selling your ownership to fund growth. Ultimately, we will help drive your valuation with non-dilutable capital while you stay focused on your business pursuits.

Pioneering Colorado’s cannabis-business financing—directly

While many companies lend on hard assets like real estate and equipment in this very-niche market, most can only broker working capital. As the first-in-Colorado direct lender to truly provide working capital for the cannabis industry, we have a variety of incomparable debt financing products that are not currently available on the market. We know—and are not intimidated by—the nuances of government regulations, tax policies and banking issues in the cannabis world and are opening up many solutions for growth

Catalytic industry advocate and educator—galvanizing legitimacy

Though there are abundant growth opportunities for cannabis businesses, entrepreneur-owners simply don’t have access to the same financial tools that more traditional businesses have in order to fully realize their potential. As we are genuinely excited to inform and help people within this business, we are supporting and treating cannabis companies as the legitimate companies they are, offering them solutions to evolve that they have yet to have access to. While we maintain high standards/qualifiers for clients, we are seeking to educate, lead and demystify this industry along the way.

Thoughtful, nimble partner with big-picture strategies

Cannabis-business owners are worried about operating capital now, and typically can’t think past today—their inventory, payroll, operating expenses and more weigh heavily on them. While we can and do solve these issues, we have a longer-term, strategic outlook that is proven to yield a far better financial position beyond what is happening right now. At the same time, we can help drive valuation without the need to give up any ownership. Not to mention, we are not looking at businesses the same way the bank does. We know every situation is different—that we are dealing with people and always look beyond… at character, collateral and cash flow. And we have the flexibility, speed and innovation to accommodate different scenarios.

Creative-yet-grounded entrepreneurs who truly and astutely relate

We know firsthand what it means to grow a business without the support of a bank or wealthy relatives. With well-rounded backgrounds in alternative finance, sales, manufacturing and more, we bring the insight of our own 10 successful start-ups. Always coming from this understanding, we can truly relate to the plight of the entrepreneur. Even better? We have the specific and unique experience creating/marketing alternative financial products that have already brought success to clients for 15 years.