Why Now?

An exploding market.

The legal cannabis industry is exploding, and we expect massive growth to continue for the foreseeable future.

  • $8 billion in legal sales 2017 > 22% increase over 2016
  • $24 billion projected by 2025 > 15% annual growth rate
  • 64% of Americans favor legalization for medical and recreational use

The market is growing way beyond states where marijuana/cannabis products are legal. Consumer products companies—beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and tobacco—are exploring and incorporating the benefits of cannabis in their brands. Also, hemp-extracted products are becoming more and more widespread, are sold online and can and shipped to all 50 states.

Right time. Right opportunities. Right team.

Cannabis industry entrepreneurs have companies that are already flourishing or are seeing incredible opportunities—though without the normal financial tools needed to grow their businesses. Most of these entrepreneurs are forced to dilute themselves by selling off equity in their businesses at a low valuation.

The boom in the cannabis industry is still in the early stages and as legalization occurs, there will be a race to service this huge market. It’s the right time and we have the team, the products and the process to make industry businesses prosper.