As the only Colorado-based direct lender to the cannabis industry, Suite 420 Solutions provides timely working capital to businesses to drive growth and valuation while, most importantly, allowing entrepreneur-owners to retain their maximum ownership and profit.

  • Proven track record: With a proven track record of creating and executing alternative financial solutions, we provide a variety of creative debt products that have typically been available only to traditional businesses.
  • More cost-effective: In the long run, we are way more cost-effective/ entrepreneurs are more profitable by having debt vs. selling ownership.
  • Here to help navigate: As your partner and experts in this niche’s government regulations and taxation issues, we will always be supportive and help you navigate the industry landscape.
  • Ardent industry advocate: We are passionate about this business and its ability/ potential to solve so many health-related issues (improve quality of life)—it is a mission of ours to advocate/drive the industry.
  • Strong ROI: And if you are looking to invest in the industry and in our fund, you can have confidence that you will make strong return on a monthly basis and be a secured creditor while you get a behind-the-scenes look at a variety of cannabis businesses.

At Suite 420, we are advancing and legitimizing the cannabis industry by providing the much-needed tools necessary for growth. As a pioneer in cannabis-industry financing, we offer a menu of debt financing products to entrepreneur-owners, allowing them to maintain their equity and drive their valuations.